Shreya skipped into the dark gloomy woods, but for that imaginative fearless toddler she was in her own fairyland. Shreya had a childish face with delicate features, her hazel eyes flickered with mischief and brown silky hair hung gracefully down to her shoulders. The 5 year old knew very well that her sister had clearly instructed her to stay put as she went to gather wood for the fire. However, the stubborn and free willed child had let curiosity get the best of her. She was following an eerie mesmerising tune  which had somehow enchanted her and led her deeper and deeper into the thick woods. As Shreya was advancing further towards the spellbinding tune, the crunching sound of twigs how her foot snapped her back into reality. Shreya looked in front of her and her face widened. Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground. Screams, screeches fill her ears and she  clasped  her hand over them trying to block it out. Everything darkened and the world slowly started dissipate.

The treacherous life changing night for the Sharma sisters started by their completely horrible decision of going camping in the woods. The other children in the orphanage had all laughed off the forest-lore passed down by  the locals all those years ago. There had been several instances of people going missing in that particular part of the woods, but the immature children of the small town thought of it has a joke and manipulation to make them paranoid. The matron had repeatedly warned the children against leaving the premises after dark or lurking around the woods by themselves, but the defiant young children used to  mock the matron and blame her for making up silly stories just to keep them from sneaking out. Just during one of these harmless conversations and games were the Sharma sisters dared to camp out all night in the creepiest part of the innocent town. “Its all a hoax,  there is no such things as ghosts”  Jake had  said, and boy was he wrong!

“SHREYA!” The utterly worried sister called out. She minutely scanned the outskirts of the woods and the clearing where they had set up camp. Tanisha’s eyes glinted with fear as she grew increasingly worried about her younger sister. She was determined to find Shreya, “she couldn’t have gone far” Tanisha muttered to herself. Tanisha was a sixteen year old teenage girl, with pale blue eyes and dark complexion. The vague and luscious moonlight fell on her face, making her blue eyes sparkle.

 The hills that used lie friendly in the day – like the pillows of the land – were darkly ominous by night. The paths that were illuminated just hours before had become lost in a blackness that even moonlight cannot help. The trees that were  magnificent in sunshine towered over Tanisha as she stepped across the borderline between the seen and unseen. Choosing not to go in is no choice at all, but aren’t all quests like that? she steeled herself to keep moving, her hair on end as if the forest was on the enemy side. The air was several degrees cooler and soon she had  begun to shiver. On her frequent stops, Tanisha listened for signs of life around her, but there come none. She called  for her sister but the only reply she got was the echo of her own voice.

The vast, contorted tree she leaned against leaked its sticky sap like the poisoned back of a toad, burning her hand. Tanisha quickly snatched it away and suddenly the thought of the woods being haunted didn’t seem that ridiculous. She buried her face in her hands as the thought of losing her sister, the one person she truly cared about. Since the day her parents mysteriously disappeared and they were brought to St. Clair’s orphanage the only constant and comforting thing about her life was her sister, the wholesome, innocent kind hearted five year old. Her heart beat accelerated as she wrapped her arms around herself. A feeling of utter helplessness washed over her drowning her in fear.

She dove behind a wide cedar trunk just off the trail. Heart slamming against her ribs, she gulped at the air, trying to slow her breathing enough to hear. Sunset had finally drained out of the sky overhead, sheathing the woods in shadow. Tanisha pressed her face against the bark, the ridges biting into her skin, and tried to become one with the tree. The moment she looked up again, her face became white with fear and her jaw dropped. Just then an agonized, ear piercing scream was heard across the forest.

I hereby certify that the above work is completely original

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