A missed call


Part one 

[ Its gonna be new year in a few hours and param hasn’t arrived home, lately.]

“No calls since morning, not even a single message!!” Shaunya says while sitting at the dinning table whipping cream for the cake she had baked.

The clock could be heard – tik-tok-tik-tok-tik-tok…!! 

Shaunya was in the kitchen preparing for the special day of the year. It was New year’s eve and also her second marriage anniversary. She had kept herself busy with decorating the house, making lavish dinner and baking her husband’s favorite chocolate cake. 

But, where she thought that Rohit had forgotten their anniversary, there was actually no news about him ever since he had left office. 

Traffic in India is the biggest problem lately. Not only I but Shaunya herself thought that he might be on his way home JUST STUCK IN TRAFFIC. 

Little did she know that this wouldn’t be troublesome but would bring GRIM!!! 

[The turned 10:30 pm and Shaunya is in her room.] 

Furious. She changed her dress and was getting ready for bed, meanwhile she didn’t notice that Rohit called her. Her phone was vibrating on her bed and she just missed it or probably ignored, unintentionally. 

After a while she heard something from the hall.

“Rohit? Is that you? Well, I hope you know what the time is. Don’t you? Besides, you left me with no message, no call, not even a simple note that you’ll be late from work!!!! What sort of a behavior is that? Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?” she screams from inside. 

                               [No one answers.] 

“Of course, now you won’t utter a single word! Right?” she yells furiously while walking in the hallway. 

There she saw him sitting on the couch, when she looks at him and her eyes widen up and she starts screaming.

Part two 

Shaunya was devastated. Her husband wasn’t back home normal. He had a knife stabbed in his stomach and a severe injury on his leg. She couldn’t understand what happened. She screamed for help and when no body came in she called the ambulance. 

   [Half an hour later Rohit was admitted in the hospital] 

The hospital also called in the police because is was not an accident of course but an attempt to murder. 

Shaunya was inquired about the incident. Shaunya explained that how she was at home preparing for the day and her husband had called her just like usual before arriving for home. 

Although the police wasn’t satisfied with what she said, they ensured that they would surely look into this matter and catch the culprit. 

       [ A day passes and Rohit is in his senses now.] 

“Sir could you please tell me how and when did this happen? And who did this to you?” the inspector asked firmly. “I couldn’t see his face but I saw one thing that you should know and I would tell you about it in person” Rohit says softly. 

The officer told everyone to leave the ward for a while. “Yes, now tell me” the officer insisted. Rohit told him a thing that he noticed about the attacker, he had covered his face but his hand had a tattoo. A very unusual tattoo. It was a bleeding snake tattoo. 

“Well, Mr. Rohit you have mentioned a very important thing, we can easily find the tattoo maker who make such usual tattoos. And maybe he could tell us who..” 

Rohit interrupted and said, “Sir I think who that person is…” 

Part three

After knowing who that person was the inspector strictly ordered Rohit not to tell any thing about it to anyone. And till the time they accumulate certain proofs against this guy, they couldn’t do anything about it. So he assured Rohit that they would first have to trace evidence to prove him guilty.

                  [Two days later, at Rohit’s house]

Shaunya takes Rohit to the hallway on a wheelchair. She has cleaned the house and decorated a wall which said, “Welcome back.”

Rohit smiled and thanked her for it.

As Rohit sat on the chair, Rohit’s phone rang, it was the inspector.

Rohit picked up the call and said, “hello! Yes sir?… What? You caught him. Well that’s a great news sir. Thank you so much.” Rohit started calling out Shaunya but she made no answer. “Shaunya,Shaunya! Where are you? Are you in bathroom? Shaunya?” Rohit cried. 

He called her name several times and searched her everywhere but couldn’t find her. He called her on her mobile to check whether she went to buy something to the nearby store, but her phone was switched off. He got scared, he called police station and informed the inspector that his wife went missing as soon as they reached home. 

          [Two hours later, at the police station] 

Rohit filed a missing report of his wife. The police initiates to find trace of her but they were clueless and couldn’t find a lead. After 24 hours they got a videotape of Shaunya which was sent to Rohit’s place anonymously in a package near his door.

Rohit felt strange and took the tape to watch it. In the video it was Shaunya who was tied up, crying and asking for help. Rohit was devastated. He couldn’t stand the screamings of his wife and was shocked at the same moment.

 Suddenly the kidnappers called him and said ” if you want your wife alive then tell the police officer to release the guy they caught.” Rohit told them that he’ll do whatever it takes to get him his wife back and rushes to the police station and showed them the video and told them about the kidnappers demand.

After 4 hours they get another call from kidnappers and they asked Rohit to come along with the culprit. ALONE. The police made a plan to free his wife and get the culprits. 

Rohit’s watch was coupled with a small transmitter which would help the police trace where he was going. 

After they sat in car, the kidnapper called and give them the location. He also told Rohit to hand over the phone to the culprit and drive the car without any questions asked. 

It was some dump yard out of the town. Rohit and the other guy went inside the dump yard.

The police was there too who entered from backside. Rohit was shocked to see Shaunya with the gun pointed at him. He couldn’t understand what’s happening and Shaunya was about to shoot but police came in and they shoot at Shaunya’s gun. Police caught both of them and took them to police station.

                           [In the police station] 

The police caught the kidnapper too and it was none other than his own wife and his neighbor ‘Daman’. Rohit was shocked and couldn’t understand. He started asking Shaunya why did she have to do all this, what was wrong with them? But she didn’t utter a word and police took her away and inspector tell him truth.”Daman being your neighbour, had an affair with your wife. They wanted all your money and property so they planned to kill you, but fortunately you survived and when your wife came to know that we have caught Daman she planned kidnapping herself so that we would release him and again they could elope somewhere and you wouldn’t know anything about it.”

Rohit was totally broken listening after this bitter truth and just so he know how people (even if they are your most loved ones) can change, made his heart broke. 

And after this very incident he couldn’t believe on ‘love.’ 

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