I love you not because of who you are, but for what I become when I am with  you, I love you for that. 


This story is about Abhimanyu and Gitanjali who lives in Agra. They both  were good friends from their school days but they were in a relationship for  many years. They used to talk for hours on the phone and sent thousands of  SMS to each other throughout the day. As long as they were together. 

Abhimanyu was not worried about anything else, the sorrow was far from  him. Everything was going great, but one day 

Abhimanyu did not pick up the phone of Gitanjali all day nor sent any sms to  her. Gitanjali was worried that something was wrong. She could not sleep all  night, kept crying. And that day she was completely convinced that she could  not live without him. 

Next morning, 

Abhimanyu calls Gitanjali. 

Abhimanyu: ‘Hello?’ 

Gitanjali: ‘I’m so glad you’re calling me, what happened yesterday?’ Abhimanyu: “I was busy.” 

(Gitanjali misunderstood, but could not ask) 

[Both were quiet for a while] 

Abhimanyu: ‘Hmm, I think we won’t be able to talk anymore’ Gitanjali: ‘What? but why??’ 

Abhimanyu: ‘Forgive me, bye.’ 

[Saying that Abhimanyu disconnected the phone, Gitanjali felt as if someone  had destroyed her world] 

Every moment spent with Abhimanyu started appearing in front of her eyes. And she started crying with tears. She could not understand anything. She  felt extremely lonely, and broken. 

She could not accept that Abhimanyu could say anything like this to her.And  the more she thought about it, the more she would cry.

She would yell at him, scream her hair, and say the same thing – “Why did  you do this?” 

Then she handled himself somehow. And started trying once more to  celebrate her love! 

[The next day Gitanjali calls the Abhimanyu] 

Gitanjali: ‘Hello!’ 

Abhimanyu: ‘Why are you calling me again?’ 

Gitanjali: ‘I want to tell you something….’ 

Abhimanyu: “Speak ahead.” 

Gitanjali: ‘I just want to know from you why you are leaving me? Are you  fine? Do you have any problem? ‘ 

Abhimanyu said nothing and disconnects the phone. 

This time Gitanjali broke down completely! This time she also tried his best,  “But maybe this guy really doesn’t care for me” – he thought! 

Now he was not his previous friend, he had changed a lot. She kept on  crying, not taking the name of her tears. 

But then she became very calm, and started thinking what to do to win her  love back. Then she left a letter at home and went out. 

[5 hours later] 

The phone rings in the Abhimanyu’s house. This time Gitanjali had a mother on line. Gitanjali was hit by a car and was hospitalized. Listening this news Abhimanyu immediately rushed to the hospital where Gitanjali was admitted. 

Gitanjali opened her eyes, taking the Abhimanyu’s name. 

Abhimanyu took Gitanjali’s hand. 

Abhimanyu sobbed and said, “Forgive me, it’s all my fault!” But … please get  it right once, I promise, everything will be correct. 

Gitanjali: ‘I might not be right now.’ 

Abhimanyu: ‘No.! Please do not say that. 

Gitanjali: ‘Just tell me one thing, why did you do this ??’ 

Abhimanyu told her that he had a hole in his heart and was about to die soon. 

And he did not want to hurt her by telling her this thing, and this is because  he loved her very much.

This made Gitanjali more heartbroken. She could not imagine the situation.  She hold Abhimanyu’s hand and tells “I love you too” and sings a song  seeing in Abhimanyu’s eyes, 

“Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir 

ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho 

shayad Phir Is Janam Mein 

mulakat Ho Na Ho 

lag ja gale a a aahh hhh hhh”. 

After that Gitanjali heart beat stopped and she died! Abhimanyu was shocked  and died 10 minutes later. He had the biggest regret that Gitanjali had died  because of him. This was their fate that their love story was incomplete for  this world but that they got united forever after the death. 

If you truly love someone, never hide your feelings, because this love is  the fate of life – what will be achieved by suppressing the hard heart. Love is beautiful and love is life. 

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  1. · March 20, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    Wow…. What an emotional story… Hats off to Anant The writer of this exceptional writing… He should be only the winner.