An Innocent Murderer


Peter woke up with a throbbing pain in his head. He rubbed his head and opened his eyes to
look at the unfamiliar room he found himself in. The green walls were nowhere near his
crème walls. The furniture was different and the clock on the wall which showed 5:30 of the
morning was not his. Then where was he?
He dragged himself around the room to find answers to his unasked questions. There was
no one around, but then how did he enter the house? He couldn’t recall even a bit of
yesterday’s event. He found his way towards the kitchen and took a shiny glass and filled it
with water. As he brought the glass near to his lips, the glass slipped from his hand and his
whole body started shivering. He looked at his hands to ensure that it indeed was just his
mind playing with him but it wasn’t. His hands were colored red- with blood. Did he murder
He felt his heart will come out of his body if he stared at his hands any longer. He opened
the tap and tried to wash off the stains as much as possible. Could he really murder
someone? Or was it Sam? But Sam is a cute boy of 16. Why would he murder someone?
Did Emanuel killed? But he is haemophilic. Emanuel cannot do this.
Could it be Knight? Blood drained from his body and his skin turned pale all of a sudden.
No!!! This cannot happen. Peter patted his cheeks with wet hands to calm him down but in
no way could he bring himself to normal state. Even if he hadn’t murdered still he’ll be the
murderer if Knight kills someone.
He slowly made his way out of the kitchen still shaking with fear. He saw the door to the left
of the kitchen and made his way towards it.
He opened the door wide with closed eyes. Slowly he opened eyes and his whole body
turned stiff. The scenario was something beyond his wildest dream. The floor was all red
with blood, some part of the floor had even dried and there were pieces of a human body
shattered and scattered all over. Eyes were on bed, hands on the laptop on the table and
head of his senior colleague hanged from the fan. He felt the need to shout and howl but
nothing came from his mouth. His body was betraying him. He couldn’t stand there any
longer. He ran out of the house and took a cab to his own abode.

He entered his house and locked it from inside. He couldn’t afford to set himself loose. But
could he really kill someone so cruelly, he wondered. He sat on the couch to attain some
peace and gain strength when he heard the voices.
“How could you do this, Knight? Look at Peter. He is so much in a miserable state.” He heard
Emanuel’s voice.
“Don’t mess with me; otherwise I’ll kill you like I killed him.” This was Knight. Indeed Knight
was the murderer.
“ Don’t talk nonsense Knight. You cannot kill us. If you kill us, you’ll die too.” Sam said this
Peter was fed up with them. Every time one of them said something all others would start
discussing. It would lead to sharp pain in his head.
“That’s enough. Be quiet and let me live with peace. And how could you kill someone like
this. How dare you use my hands for doing such a sin? Why Knight, why?” Peter sobbed.
“Oh shut up Peter, you have always been miserable from the starting of your life. Do you
even deserve to be the host? That man was constantly bullying you in the office and you
couldn’t even say a word. Had I not followed him and killed him, he would have continued
to bully you. You are not even powerful enough to fight with me. It is me who must take
over completely and finally.” Knight roared.
“This time I won’t allow you. It is true that you are powerful but this time I cannot risk giving
my body to you. Who knows whom will you murder this time.” Peter knew that Knight was
in rage and if he allows him this time; no wonder he would kill how many people.
Knight had become a danger to the society and Peter knew he cannot control Knight for a
longer time. There was only one thing he could do to stop the beast, and that was to kill
himself. But Knight could read his thoughts. Knight was not only aggressive and powerful
but smart as well. But he was afraid of water and never tried to dominate Peter when he
would be near water bodies.
Peter knew what he wanted to do. He took a long coat from his cupboard and headed out of
the house.
The drive to his destiny was silent. No one spoke and no one fought. A car came to halt near
the bridge. Peter got out from the car and placed an envelope on the driver’s seat before
locking it.
He walked slowly towards the bridge and stopped when he reached the centre of it.
“What are you up to Peter?”Emanuel asked trepidatiously.

“ We won’t allow you to do any stupid act. This is not only your body but ours too. We have
been living with you all these years.” Sam said alarmed of the fore coming situation.
“I knew you are a weak person. You can do nothing except dying. You are nothing but a
loser. Why don’t you listen to me and let me take a full control over you.” Knight was now
aggressive and eager to take over control.
“Emanuel, Sam and Knight, Sorry but I have to end this pain. We can’t live on like this. But
before ending all of us, I want to say something to you.” Peter sighed.
“ Drop this foolish idea of yours and let me take control, you idiot.” Knight roared. He was
getting impatient as the time passed.
“ I am grateful to you all for being with me when I was all alone to face the wrath of my
uncle. When my parents died and my uncle decided to be my guardian. I was happy but
later I realised it wasn’t a good news. The constant sexual and physical assault made me
emotionally week. This small kid of seven years just wished to have a big brother who could
protect him from the beast. And it was then I realised Knight was born. My aggression, my
anger has taken birth in the form of Knight. This twenty year old boy whom I named Knight
was my brother. When he killed my uncle, I had no word how ecstatic I was and how
thankful I was to Knight. I thought only we both live together but then Sam entered my life
when I wished for a friend to console me and help me to get up again from the ashes of
trauma. This sixteen year old cute guy made my life beautiful. Whenever Peter felt week
Sam took over and helped him in every way possible. Then there were times when I wanted
to break the shell I have made myself constricted into and walk with the outer world but I
had no courage. I was blessed with Emanuel, A jolly brother of nineteen who was expert in
making life at ease. I was happy with you but sooner I realised that you were not different
people. Peter is Sam and Sam is Knight and Knight is Emanuel and Emanuel is Peter. We are
same. When I visited Doctor Nickerson, I realised that I am suffering from Dissociative
Identity Disorder and I will never be able to live like a normal human being. But I didn’t mind
because I wasn’t alone. I had you all. I was happy, But soon Knight turned over aggressive.
But today I realised that Dr. Nickerson was right, once he told me that Knight is a potential
danger to society. We have to suppress him in every possible way. I didn’t take it seriously
but today I realised that what a devil can I be. I know Knight’s intention. He wants to take
over me and become a host. I know he has more power than me and sooner or later he’ll
take over but I cannot let this happen now. We all have to die before I turn into a beast and
start killing people on the roads.”
From a distance a splash was heard as if something was thrown into the water.

It was a beautiful morning. Dr. Nickerson opened the door and picked up the newspaper
thrown one hour ago at his door. He was addicted to reading newspaper with a warm tea.

He poured tea in his favourite china glass cup and read the headlines with wide eyes and
“ Peter Anderson confessed his crime of murdering the famous lawyer Mr. Robert Bailey
in his note before drowning himself to death by jumping from the bridge.”

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